When should you go to these waffle restaurants for breakfast? 

The optimal time for breakfast hours of waffle restaurants is between 6 AM to 9 AM. However, some waffle restaurants are open 24 hours for customers.

Waffle House – Breakfast Hours!

Waffle House is an American chain of restaurants that operates nearly 2000 locations in 25 states of America. Most of their operating locations are in the South and Waffle House Menu is headquartered in Georgia. They are open to the crowd 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, you don’t need to worry about the Waffle House breakfast hours. You just need to walk into the nearest Waffle House restaurant and enjoy your special dish. Of note, the All-Star Special of Waffle House Menu is one of the top favorite breakfast menus.

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Biscuitville Fresh Southern – Breakfast Hours!

Biscuitville Fresh Southern is also a family-owned fast food chain of restaurants in the United States. They operate in more than 70 locations in North Carolina and Virginia. Not only for the breakfast dishes but all of their dishes are made from local ingredients and the biscuits from the Biscuitville Menu are made from scratch every 15 minutes. The most famous dish of Biscuitville Menu breakfast is their breakfast sandwiches that are served on buttery, warm biscuits. Their breakfast hours start from 6 AM onwards; however, business runs up to 2 PM.

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Chicago Waffles Loop – Breakfast Hours!

Chicago Waffles is a classy and fast-casual breakfast & lunch venue restaurant serving waffles, burgers, salads, sides, beverages, and omelets. They serve a variety of waffles where you can add fresh berries, bananas, walnuts, cinnamon apples, or organic maple syrup. Adding to that, you can always expect a friendly atmosphere at the Chicago Waffles locations. Their Bacon & Chicken Waffle and Heart Health Waffle are their most popular breakfast dishes. Their breakfast hours start from 7 AM onwards; however, their business hours vary depending on the location. Normal business hours of Chicago Waffles are between 7 AM to 3 PM.

More Than Waffles – Breakfast Hours!

More Than Waffles is an authenticated family-owned restaurant in Encino, California. They are into business since 1975 and they are specialized in original Belgian waffles called “Gaufre.” There are 19 different flavors of waffles for you to taste, and of course, you can create your own too, not only for your breakfast, but even for brunch and lunch. Their breakfast hours start from 8 AM; however, they do business up until 2 PM all days of the week. They are off only on Christmas and Thanks Giving.